Buying or Selling a Home in the Age of COVID-19

How LOHR Real Estate is Ready to Help


The spread of the novel Coronavirus and the fight to contain it have touched every aspect of all of our lives. It’s a difficult time for many but in particular for those whose lives have been directly impacted by the virus and the healthcare providers who are on the front lines, working around the clock to halt its spread. Others have lost their jobs or their businesses and seen their livelihoods otherwise threatened. For all of us, it’s a time of deep uncertainty but hopefully also resolution in the face of challenges that we face and will face as individuals and as a world. 

With Oregon governor Kate Brown’s stay-at-home order taking effect March 23, non-essential in-person business has ground to a halt, and companies have moved their operations to the homes of their employees. LOHR Real Estate is no exception. Above all, we’re taking the potential spread of the virus very seriously, utilizing all of the technology, good practices, and expert advice we have available to minimize our clients’ and agents’ potential exposure to COVID-19. 

There are many areas in all of our lives where we’re now having to press the “pause” button. For some people, the decision to purchase or sell a home may be one of those. For others, real estate is or will be an essential service in the coming months. We continue to believe that our highest and most significant purpose as real estate professionals is to help our clients make the best life possible for themselves and their families. It’s in that spirit that we will continue to do business, no matter what economic and human reality greets us on the other side of this crisis.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the market so we can continue to offer our clients the best advice available. While of course we hope for the best, we also feel it’s important to be prepared for the worst. In a sense, we at LOHR Real Estate have been here before. After the housing bubble burst in 2008, Kip and Megan helped hundreds of families in the Bend area get out from under mortgages they were no longer able to pay off, working closely and extensively with banks to negotiate short sales. Kip also provided important information to the public with his radio program “Real Estate Revolution,” aiming to clarify the misconceptions that many people had about what their options were. 

Should it prove necessary, we are more than ready to bring that expertise to the present. But more than anything else, we want to be here as a resource to help you navigate these challenging times. We’re always available to answer any questions or serve as a sounding board, no matter what kind of situation you’re facing. What we do has always been about more than real estate, and as we are all tested in the weeks to come, we are here to support you in whatever way we can. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for whatever reason.

How We're Ready to Help Buyers

In recent years, a large part of what we do has been helping people from out-of-area relocate to Bend or Eugene. In this new era, it is and will be a challenge to do the groundwork that would normally be necessary to prepare for relocation. We’re here, though, to help in any way possible, and we want to continue to be a resource for information about the communities we serve. We are also ready and available to give live or recorded video tours of any property that’s available for viewing in the Bend or Eugene areas. Where safety permits it, we will also continue to give in-person viewings, following appropriate social distancing and disinfection procedures.

How We're Ready to Help Sellers

The present reality brings new challenges that are unique for sellers. Valuation is especially tricky in this present stage of ambiguity. Prospective buyers will be seeking more leverage than they did in the past, so it’s vital to set value appropriately and not give up more ground than necessary in negotiations. Knowledge of shifting market conditions, adaptability, and negotiating prowess will be more important than ever, and these are all qualities that LOHR Real Estate brings to the table. 

In addition, sight-unseen offers will become increasingly common, and it is especially important that listings, photographs, and other marketing materials convey what is appealing and unique about a home. Our overriding concern is our clients’ safety, and we are happy to take the steps necessary to make occupied homes virtual-tour only.  A number of technologies have emerged to help make the process of shopping for a home online more immersive. While we believe that some of these are more effective than others, we are prepared to utilize all of the channels that are available to us in consultation with our clients. 


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