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Real Estate Revolution – Real Estate Negotiation 301 (Strategies for Leveraging Your Position)

Last Updated June 14, 2022

We’ve already clued buyers in on how to construct a winning offer in our competitive local real estate scene, and we’ve instructed sellers on the essentials for selling your home and getting the most money possible (and everything else that you want from a sale).

But there’s a topic that deserves a more in-depth exploration. Well, several actually, but this week we’ll give both buyers and sellers a more in-depth window on the kinds of negotiations that go on behind the scenes leading up to and during real estate transactions.

As agents, we have a duty both to the buyer and the seller to facilitate fair and honest dealings, and we’re definitely not talking about dirty tricks. But there -is- room both as a buyer or a seller to try and maximize your leverage. You also need to know when it’s better to walk away from a fight that you probably won’t win.

So, in this episode, Kip and Ryan give a few real-world examples of negotiation techniques that work. We also have the latest on mortgage rates and an overview of what happened in the Eugene/Springfield and Bend/Redmond markets over the month of March. Oh, and there’s also Kip’s Tips.


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