Gus “The Closer” Lohr, Owner, Fierce Negotiator, Lohr Real Estate

Contact info: Talk to my agent.

Beverage of Choice: Cool water after rough-and-tumble playtime. 
If I Weren’t “The Closer” I would be: Why would I be anything else? I have the BEST job ever!
Can’t Live Without: Tummy rubs.
Current Obsession: SQUIRREL!  
Client’s Frequent First Impression: Which breed are you?
Client’s Frequent Second Impression: Aren’t you a good boy!

GUS “The Closer” LOHR

Owner, Fierce Negotiator

I am a proud Oregonian. I was born in the sleepy town of Lebanon, but I do not remember my birth family. I was put up for adoption. When Kip and Megan told me the truth of my parentage, I cried, but I think that Kip may be distantly related to me, based on our hairstyles.  I’m hypoallergenic, though, and I’m not sure whether the same can be said for him. 

Anyway, I would rather be out showing houses right now, but the “boss” says I have to write this dumb profile. 

Take one look at my profile pic, and you’ll know who is really at the helm of this well-oiled machine. Honestly, we have a crack team here at LOHR Real Estate, and I am the glue that holds everything together. Without me, it would be much harder for our clients to be able to decide which home is right for them.

For instance, I often have to show everyone how much cabinet space there is for all the treats they will need to have on hand when I come over to make sure they are happy with their purchase. 

Anyway, I have to run and show some homes to some out-of-town clients. I hope this was informative, and as always: Go Ducks! Track and field is my favorite. I’m quite the sprinter myself. 


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