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Beverage of Choice: Sparkling Ice Caffeine. Fun fact – I don’t drink coffee!
If I weren’t a Real Estate Broker, I would be: A Paleontologist. My childhood dream was to dig up dinosaurs! 
Can’t Live Without: My wife Becky, My sons Brian and Logan, and an active outdoor lifestyle.
Current Obsession: Fitness, Logan, and getting outdoors.
Non-Profit of Choice: St Jude’s Children’s Hospital.
Client’s Frequent First Impression: Energetic, outgoing, and how does he not drink coffee?!

Joshua Grossman

Principal Broker, Bend Team

I am a native Oregonian and grew up in the small town of Fall Creek, just east of Eugene. My idyllic childhood days consisted of fishing with my brother, riding our bikes to the local country store, and playing outside in nature.

My father was a logger, getting up at 4 am every day, and he has the strongest work ethic I have ever encountered. I credit my father for making me the man who I am today. I strive to exemplify his example in business and life and to pass down the attributes he instilled in me from a young age to my own sons.

I approach everything in life and business with honesty, integrity, and loyalty. I strive to provide an unparalleled experience when dealing with one of the largest investments of a person’s life.

After growing up in a small town and graduating from high school in another small town (Elmira) then Linfield College in McMinnville, I decided the big city life was for me. I relocated to Portland and started working for a large corporation. Very quickly, though, I realized this was not my passion, and I wanted the experience that I received growing up in a small town for my own children. After this realization, I moved my family to Bend, and became determined to pull away from corporate America.

I studied and researched, spending much of my free time gaining the knowledge to back up my passion, and shortly thereafter successfully passed my real estate exam. Leaving my well-paying and comfortable corporate job, I struck out on my own.

I persevered through the drastic downturn that hit real estate hard in 2008 and afterward, validating my decision to be in this field that I love. Then Murphy’s Law struck, and a severe leg injury took me out of the real estate world. After a year-long recovery, an opportunity in sales came up, and I broke my promise to myself and entered corporate America again.

All that while, I knew that the corporate world did not hold the life I wanted, and now an unexpected opportunity has presented itself to join the wonderful team at LOHR Real Estate. It’s been great to hang my shingle back on the wall and jump head-first back into the field that I am so enthusiastic about.

I bring my passion for the Oregon lifestyle to every client I encounter and want to share this knowledge and experience with anyone and everyone who wants to call this beautiful place home. Come take a trip with me, and at the end when I deliver your keys or help sign your closing documents, my goal is that we can be friends and neighbors not just business acquaintances.

Buying, selling a home, or relocating is a process, but it doesn't have to be a hard one. 

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