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Beverage of Choice: AM: Oat milk latte, PM: Glass of red wine or a hazy-style beer.
If I weren’t a Real Estate Broker, I would be: A program developer.
Can’t Live Without: Camping trips in the woods!
Current Obsession: Refurbishing small pieces of furniture.
Non-Profit of Choice: The Nature Conservancy.

Stephanie Tranter

Broker, Bend Team

I am an East-Coaster at heart, but I’ve found it’s places like Bend, Oregon that really draw you in and make you never want to leave! That’s what happened to me on a road trip across the U.S. After getting a taste of Bend, I flew home to Maine, packed up my belongings, and moved here after just two weeks of planning. ​

In general, I am someone who just doesn’t like to sit still. I’ve worked in various offices including a bank, an appraisal company, and a property management company. Although those positions gave me a lot of knowledge and experience, I realized that the typical 9 to 5 job was not for me. So the next step was to find a career that linked my passions and interests with a schedule that would keep me busy without confining me to a desk.

Along those lines, when I first moved to Oregon, I knew that I wanted to help people buy and sell real estate. With a Bachelor’s in Business and many years of property management experience (including buying and managing my own investment property back in Maine), transitioning into real estate came naturally. I enjoy each and every part of all my transactions, from the initial hunt and negotiations all the way through to the final day of closing. And for me, it doesn’t end there. I value strong communication and solid relationships with everyone in the industry, which ultimately helps things go as smoothly as possible.

Soon after moving here to Bend, I purchased a condo and completely renovated it. I know the importance of having a place to call your own, and I thoroughly enjoy the making-it-your-own process. Getting your hands dirty and putting in sweat equity is so rewarding!

When working with me, you can throw ideas my way, and I will help you make decisions that fit your goals. Creating a connection that helps me guide you is important. Don’t be surprised if I ask to have a beer, glass of wine, or coffee with you, or invite you just to chat! If you prefer to talk on the move, we can go on a walk through one of Bend’s many beautiful local trails. Either way, my goal is to help you reach your goals, and that’s what I look most forward to. 

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