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Beverage of Choice: Morning: Cortado with homemade nut milk. Afternoon: Matcha, as is (hold the latte please!) 
If I weren’t a Real Estate Broker, I would be: An animal whisperer. Or a wild-foods cook.
Can’t Live Without: My fleece vest, quiet time, asking questions. 
Current Obsession
Oregon! It’s amazing here…

Meredith Woods

Broker, Eugene and Bend Team

I am an island baby, hailing originally from Puerto Rico and graduating from high school in New York City. In the years that followed, I lived in Maine, Boston, and North Carolina. In my early twenties, however, I started to feel a pull towards Oregon. Life took its twists and turns, and I never quite understood that mysterious draw until serendipity provided for a move cross country in Summer of 2019. The moment our car hit the magic of the McKenzie Highway coming out of Bend and heading towards Eugene, all came clear – and I was again home.  

My pursuits have been eclectic: I have an undergraduate degree in Biology and Philosophy, a Master of Acupuncture, and a Master of Business Administration with a PMP certificate in Project Management. I am a licensed acupuncturist and a lifetime student of holistic healing modalities and energy work practices. Likewise, I have spent just shy of 20 years working as a Project Manager.

While my professional experience has run the gamut, the common thread has been a desire to work with–and in support of–people, helping bring to fruition that which at first they can only imagine. Additionally, I thrive on communication: listening, observing, feeling and sharing. Finally, organizing ‘stuff’ not only makes me smile, but brings me peace.

When I arrived in Oregon, a transition from formal project management was already on my mind, and in real estate I saw the potential to be of service in a way that I had not previously entertained. I have relocated many times over the years, and understand the importance of the concept of home, and how deeply personal and significant this is. I am also highly aware of the financial considerations and level of commitment inherent to the undertaking of either purchasing or selling a property. As a member of the LOHR Real Estate team, I welcome the opportunity to work with you on all manner of real estate endeavors and hold space as you navigate your own version of these waters.


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