Ryan Neal, Office Guru, Lohr Real Estate

Beverage of Choice: Whatever microbrew is in Kip’s fridge. After office hours, of course.
If I weren’t an Assistant Realtor, I would be: A fortuneteller. Or a hiking bum.
Can’t Live Without: Oregon’s great outdoors, my bicycle (a circa 1980s Bianchi) and occasional philosophical waxing.
Current Obsession: Real estate. Seriously!
Client’s First Impression: There’s something about his voice…
Client’s Second Impression: That’s a funny shaped head.

Ryan Neal

Office Guru, Webmaster, Broker

I’ve lived in Oregon almost my entire life. I grew up in the small coastal town of North Bend. Spending my formative years close to the incredible beauty of Oregon’s rugged coastline, I developed a deep love for nature. My family often spent part of our summers in Sunriver, a resort community outside of Central Oregon’s Bend, and there, I fell in love with the mountains too. These remain my true loves (yes, ladies, I am single.)

I went on to study English Literature at the University of Oregon, graduating then working jobs that had nothing to do with English literature. Quickly, though, I realized that I needed another kind of education, an education on how to live an engaged, meaningful life. I found this in Zen. I became a monk and went off to Japan to live in monasteries, spending my days quietly meditating and caring for the monastic community.

This experience taught me about myself, but it also taught me about the importance of community and of being engaged. I want my work in real estate to facilitate not only your buying or selling a home—I want to help you find your community. Because a home isn’t just the house we live in, it’s a whole way of life, shared with those who we love.

I believe that at Lohr Real Estate, we’re uniquely dedicated to building communities, and I truly enjoy the work that I do here.

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