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Bend, Oregon Real Estate Market Reports

Last Updated October 3, 2023

Each month, we comb through the data to give you the most accurate and up-to-date picture of what’s happening in our local markets.

  • April 2023 Bend Real Estate Market Report

    April 2023 Bend Real Estate Market Report

    Sale prices in Bend are continuing to zigzag, with April’s sales hitting a median of $669,000, down 3% month-over-month. One thing to note is that we’re dealing with a pretty small sample size – only 173 sales, down 39% year-over-year. It’s hard to extrapolate a trend from these kinds of numbers, but if we zoom out a bit, sale prices have basically been flat over the past few months. We had predicted a surge of activity in the spring months, and so far it hasn’t materialized in Bend. In particular, new listings were actually down 13% month-over-month. Homes are selling…

  • March 2023 Bend Real Estate Market Report

    March 2023 Bend Real Estate Market Report

    Two trends have defined Bend’s market in the past couple of months: prices dropping and homes spending significantly longer on the market. But March’s numbers indicate that the tide is shifting heading in the spring. In March, Bend homes spent a median of just 14 days on the market, down from 56 days just a month earlier. In other words, buyers are beginning to bite even before the weather in Bend really starts to turn. That corresponded with a 60% month-over-month jump in new listings. Bend’s market isn’t exactly flush with homes, with inventory levels remaining relatively flat in spite…

  • February 2023 Bend Real Estate Market Report

    February 2023 Bend Real Estate Market Report

    Going by the official numbers, Bend’s residential inventory remained flat in February, but by the end of the month, active listings had dropped month-over-month while buyer activity was higher. Year-over-year, new listings were down 40%, while pending sales were down only 26%. That means Bend’s market is now a bit more competitive for buyers than it was earlier in the winter. You wouldn’t know it, though, from the amount of time properties are sitting on the market. February saw a huge leap from 38 days up to a median of 56 days. That was reflected February’s sale prices, which dropped…

  • January 2023 Bend Real Estate Market Report

    January 2023 Bend Real Estate Market Report

    January’s numbers showcase a significant bump in market activity, with pending sales up 56% month-over-month and new listings up 79% month-over-month. Bend’s median sale price also went up 3% month-over-month after a particularly desolate December. Inventory dropped from 1.9 to 1.6 months, and we expect that pattern to continue until temperatures start to warm up. Homes are still spending a lot longer on the market than at just about any point since the pandemic started. With homes lingering on the market, price reductions have become normalized, with homes going for a median of 92.9% of their original list price. We’ve…

  • December 2022 Bend Real Estate Market Report

    December 2022 Bend Real Estate Market Report

    December marked the first year-over-year sale price decline that we’ve seen in Bend since the first half of 2020. Prices are also down 5% month-over-month. Time on the market is up significantly to a median of 37 days. Last month, we suggested that at least part of the equation is a decline in activity at the upper end of Bend’s market. A year ago, million-dollar-plus homes were still flying off the market. That isn’t the case now, so prices look much lower in comparison. One of the more interesting tidbits from December’s numbers is the extraordinarily low amount of new…

  • November 2022 Bend Real Estate Market Report

    November 2022 Bend Real Estate Market Report

    While buyer activity in Bend has continued to slide downward, November’s numbers show that – for the time being – the market here has reached a kind of equilibrium. Inventory, however, remains flat month-over-month. That’s because new listings are down almost as much as pending sales. Would-be sellers have little incentive to put their homes on the market, especially if they bought when mortgage rates were much lower. Sellers got slightly more aggressive in November, with list prices increasing to a median of $720,000, up 3% month-over-month. That corresponds with a slight decrease in inventory. There are plenty of buyers…

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