Redmond, Oregon at a Glance Guide

Smith Rock and the Sisters, Misery Ridge Trail, Smith Rock

If you're already sold on the Central Oregon lifestyle, Redmond is worth looking at as a more affordable alternative to Bend. But it has plenty to offer on its own.

Sure, the commute north and south along Highway 97 isn’t the most fun. But depending on what you’re looking for, Redmond could offer the best of two different worlds: access to the perks of the central Oregon lifestyle, majestic mountain views included, without the sky-high prices associated with Bend. 

Needless to say, Redmond has more of a small-town flavor than its neighbor to the south. That’s doesn’t mean there’s any shortage of things to do and sights to see.

We’ll start with the obvious: Redmond is surrounded by a wealth of natural attractions, including Smith Rock, Cline Falls, and of course the Cascades Mountains. Opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, golf, fishing and horseback riding abound. In town, there are plenty of cafes, restuarants, and local breweries to hit up. 

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Redmond, Oregon Population

Current estimates put Redmond’s population at 34,686. In other words, Redmond is a relatively small town. It may not be that way forever, though: Redmond’s population has almost tripled in the past 20 years, and it may be a matter of time before it goes the way of Bend.

What is the Elevation of Redmond, Oregon?

Redmond definitely has some elevation, but compared to Bend, Sisters and La Pine, it sits at a relatively low 3,077 feet. That means Redmond is less prone to extreme weather conditions in the winter than its neighbors. 

Redmond, Oregon climate and average weather

Redmond is slightly dryer than Bend, with annual precipitation averaging just 8.8 inches. Snowfall averages 24 inches annually. 

On an average summer day, you can expect highs in the low 80s and lows close to 50 degrees, though intermittent 100 degree weather is becoming more common. In the winter, expect average highs to be around 40 degrees, dropping to around 25 degrees at night.

What's the Median Home Price in Redmond?

While Redmond is less expensive than Bend, that doesn’t mean housing is cheap. Home prices have dropped somewhat in recent months, but as of July 2022, Redmond’s median sale price is still $509,000. 

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