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Eugene, Oregon Real Estate Market Reports

Last Updated October 3, 2023

Each month, we comb through the data to give you the most accurate and up-to-date picture of what’s happening in our local markets.

  • November 2023 Eugene Real Estate Market Report

    November 2023 Eugene Real Estate Market Report

    November saw a significant drop in Eugene’s median sale price, from $457,500 all the way down to $400,000. However, it’s important to put this number in context. In November, homes sold for an average of 95.2% of their original list price, compared to 94.6% of their original list price in October. In other words, it’s not that sellers are making more concessions. Rather, more of Eugene’s lower-end inventory is selling than its higher-end inventory. That’s fairly typical for the colder season here, but it’s also something to pay attention to. Buyer activity is down more than new listing activity year-over-year.…

  • October 2023 Eugene Real Estate Market Report

    October 2023 Eugene Real Estate Market Report

    In October, inventory dropped slightly in Eugene from 2.2 to 2 months, and meanwhile, prices stayed pretty much flat at a median of $457,500. We expect a similar trend heading through the fall and into the winter: inventory isn’t going to shift significantly, and prices shouldn’t shift too much. What has shifted, however, is the amount of time that properties are spending on the market. In October, homes spent a median of 20 days on the market, double what we saw a year ago. The important thing, if you’re a seller, is not to panic: Eugene’s market has not shifted…

  • September 2023 Eugene Real Estate Market Report

    September 2023 Eugene Real Estate Market Report

    In September, Eugene’s market climbed above 2 months of inventory for the first time in at least the past several years. It’s probably a bit easier to find a home here than it has been in the past while, but it really depends on what you’re looking for and where you’re looking. Homes are still scarce in the Friendly and Amazon/South University neighborhoods, for example, with a total of only 9 properties currently on the market. Choices are much more plentiful, though in North and Southwest Eugene. Wherever you’re looking, prices haven’t really shifted all that much, hovering around a…

  • July 2023 Eugene Real Estate Market Report

    July 2023 Eugene Real Estate Market Report

    Over the summer, sale prices in Eugene have ping-ponged between a median of $450,000 and $480,000. We’re back up to $480,000, even with inventory increasing slightly and properties spending a bit longer on the market. We’ve say this a lot, but here it is again: Eugene is still very much a low-inventory market. Plenty of buyers are willing and able to pay the premium to buy a home here, even with mortgage rates increasing as much as they have. Buyer activity is now on somewhat of an upward trend, while listing activity is on a downward trend, an indication that…

  • June 2023 Eugene Real Estate Market Report

    June 2023 Eugene Real Estate Market Report

    After reaching an all-time high in May, prices are back down 6% month-over-month in Eugene to a median of $455,000. That movement doesn’t appear to have any statistical significance. Homes sold for 98.9% of their original list price in June, compared to 98.4% in May. That means that people simply bought slightly less expensive homes in June. With that being said, inventory is up in Eugene to 1.6 months. New listings were up 27% month-over-month, while pending sales were down 4%. If you’re a buyer, you’re probably hoping that this trend will continue and that prices will flatten heading into…

  • May 2023 Eugene Real Estate Market Report

    May 2023 Eugene Real Estate Market Report

    Buyer and seller activity remain relatively muted in Eugene relative to last year. However, prices have continued to rise, reaching a median of $485,500 in May. That’s an all-time high for Eugene. Inventory is higher than it was a year ago, and homes aren’t selling quite as rapidly, but Eugene is still a highly competitive market. There are plenty of people looking at properties right now who may have missed out last year and are eager to get into a home regardless of high mortgage rates. Prices in Eugene aren’t quite high enough – yet – that it’s reached the…

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