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Featured Eugene Properties: 2676 Friendly St. and 2180 Friendly St.

We know: you just want to hear about our properties. Feel free to scroll down. But for those who aren’t so familiar with Eugene (maybe you’re looking to relocate from out of state), let’s take a brief tour of the Friendly neighborhood.

Each of Eugene’s twenty neighborhoods has its own unique charms. But the neighborhood we’ve seen popping up the most lately in property searches on our website is none other than the Friendly Street neighborhood.

Maybe it’s the name. Finding your home is, in large part, about connecting you and your family to your wider community. Ideally, that community is going to be, well, a friendly one, and the Friendly neighborhood certainly delivers.

It’s an eclectic place with a wide range of properties. Being in the heart of Eugene, it’s a melting pot for families and young professionals looking for their own little slice of the Eugene life. Your kids will have plenty of places to play and explore, and they’ll be close to some excellent schools.

At the same time, there’s a certain salt-of-the-earth feeling to it. Friendly was traditionally a working-class neighborhood, with easy access to the lumber mills and other industries at the western edge of the city.

Head up College Hill, and you’ll start to find more middle-upper end properties with lovely views. But Friendly’s lower reaches, centered around Friendly Street itself, maintain that working-class flavor.

Yet the east end of Friendly Street has also recently been a hotbed for development. The Friendly Street Market is an old standby, and it’s still one of Eugene’s finest organic grocery stores.

Go across the street, and you’ll find a food cart pod and J-Tea, a teahouse specializing in Chinese teas imported directly from small tea farms. You’ll also find several townhouse developments within a couple block radius featuring cutting-edge eco-friendly design.

Walkability, if you had any doubts, is a pretty big perk here. Washington Park is centrally-located and Westmoreland Park is just west, with Albertsons, Bi-Mart, and several restaurants nearby.

If you’re feeling spry, you can climb or cut around College Hill and descend onto Willamette Street, South Eugene’s central artery for shopping and restaurants. Continue east, and you’ll arrive at Amazon Park, one of the city’s largest.

We could probably go on much longer about how great the Friendly Neighborhood is. But by this point, you’re probably wondering: what’s it going to take to land yourself a home here?

Friendly Street Homes for Sale

State of the Market: Friendly Street Neighborhood

We have some good news and bad news for you. The good news, as we mentioned, is that Friendly neighborhood properties range from starter homes to higher-end trade-ups.

Okay, now here’s the bad news: there aren’t many of them for sale. When they do go for sale, they go quick. The reason is pretty simple: when people land in the Friendly neighborhood, they don’t often end up leaving.

A recent search for active listings in the sub-350,000 dollar range yielded about half-a-dozen results, most of them on the neighborhood’s outskirts.

Ready, though, for a bit of good news? We just put up a new listing yesterday, and it’s located in the neighborhood’s very heart, just a block away from the Friendly Street Market.

We’ve listed it for $195,000 dollars. By the time you read this, it may already be gone. But you may want to read on anyway to see what you missed out on.

2676 Friendly: A Bargain Bungalow with a Bright Future

Sub 200,000 dollar properties are an increasing rarity in Eugene. That’s especially true in a prime location like the Friendly neighborhood.

But this one is not only in the Friendly neighborhood–it’s in its very center. Located at the intersection of 27th and Friendly, you’re just a stone’s throw away from the Friendly Street Market, food carts, J-Tea, and whatever the future has in store for the block.

So, what’s with the bargain price? This mid-century bungalow is going to need some extra loving care. We won’t call it move-in ready, but anyone willing to put in the extra effort will reap significant dividends, either as an investment or as a place to call home.

A key to this property’s potential is its deep lot and access to Friendly alley. ADUs are coming to Eugene, slowly but surely (we’ve written an article on Eugene ADUs here.) And with a 7,000 sq ft. plus lot, there’s more than enough space for you, your garden, a lucrative ADU rental, and an additional parking spot off the alley.

It’s a small house–660 sq. feet to be precise–but there’s plenty of room to expand out toward the west side of the property. This one’s ready for a complete remodel, but it’s built on a solid foundation, with lovely old growth fir floors. A one-car garage with shop space is another plus.

As we said, an opportunity like this one isn’t going to last very long. But if you’re looking for a larger house that you can move into right away, then read on.

2180 Friendly: A Classic Updated Vintage Home


Heading north up Friendly St., you’ll start to climb the foot of College Hill, and that’s where you’ll find this classic three-story bungalow. It’s just a touch removed from the bustle, but walking or biking up to it won’t be a huge hassle.

The front aspect may be unassuming, but walk inside and you’ll quickly find yourself under the sway of its charms. Mid-century architectural flourishes lend a feeling of coziness, but there’s plenty of space here–2204 square feet, to be exact. The master bedroom is a spacious 11×17 feet and located on the main floor.

Head out back, and you’ll find a whole lot more to love. The two-car garage/shop space has separate 200 amp service with 220, water, and sewer. The backyard is fully-fenced with access to Friendly Alley, and there’s even separate vegetable garden space. Oh, and a covered private deck, perfect for a hot tub.

This one, like our other listing, is a prime candidate for an Additional Dwelling Unit. Especially with the alley access and potential for separate parking, an A.D.U. could provide lucrative rental income in the future.

Neither of these quite catch your eye? Though they tend to go quickly in desirable neighborhoods like Friendly, there’s other properties out there, and we’re more than happy to keep an eye out or even go knock on some doors for you. Search for Eugene homes for sale or contact our Eugene Office and we’ll get you started right away.

Of course, we’d also love to represent you. Whether you’re ready to put your home on the market or just wondering how much you might get for it on the market today, we’d love to give you a free custom property valuation. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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